Super西甲直播吧s is a National Energy Foundation project, which harnesses the enthusiasm of pioneering homeowners who have successfully refurbished older homes achieving a carbon saving of at least 60%. These are the UK homes most improved for energy use. Super西甲直播吧rs share their experiences of sustainable refurbishment by hosting free open days across the UK.

Super西甲直播吧s - come get inspired, go green your home!

To combat climate change, we need to reduce our global carbon footprint by at least 60% across the board. Houses are responsible for 27% of UK carbon emissions. So, for older housing, the choice is simple: either we transform our houses or we demolish them, with all the consequent cost, disruption and loss of amenity. For parts of London, such as Camden and Kensington and Chelsea the consequences would be disastrous; up to 80% of these homes were built before 1919 and have solid brick walls.

started life in 2007 as the Sustainable Energy Agency (SEA) Old 西甲直播吧 Super西甲直播吧 project. The National Energy Foundation, which managed the project from the start, took on full responsibility for Super西甲直播吧s when SEA merged with the Foundation in 2014. 

Super西甲直播吧s have been renovated to achieve huge carbon savings usually by a combination of highly efficient insulation, energy reductions and often the installation of renewable technologies. The properties have all achieved a minimum carbon saving of 60% and most have gone even further. Some of the properties are carbon neutral and a few are even climate positive - in other words, they create more energy than they use.

By making these exemplars accessible to the public, Super西甲直播吧s aims to help homeowners and local authorities get hands-on knowledge and be inspired to transform their own housing. These are real homes, lived in by real people, though there are a couple of 'EcoHouse' demonstration properties too.

Super西甲直播吧s – ambitions

Super西甲直播吧s is a UK-wide project which aims to grow to a network of 500 exemplar, energy-efficient dwellings, which are local and publicly accessible, within 15 minutes of nearly everyone in the country. Already there is a Super西甲直播吧 within 30 miles of over 85% of the population of England. 西甲直播吧 ambition is to deliver:

  • Free annual national open days and tour events.
  • A Super西甲直播吧 within 15 minutes of everyone in the UK.
  • 500 Super西甲直播吧s and 2 million visitors (online/physical) by 2020.

Super西甲直播吧s – Ashden and Sustainable Energy Europe Awards winner

Super西甲直播吧s was the category winner in the European Commission’s . The awards brought together 30 shortlisted entrants from a field of 342. Super西甲直播吧s was one of six winners, coming first in the ‘Communicating’ category.

Super西甲直播吧s also won a 2009 . This provided a £30,000 cash prize for the project, money which was used to expand and improve the network. The award was presented to the network’s Patron, John Doggart, by HRH the Prince of Wales.

Super西甲直播吧s – from inspiration to action

The National Energy Foundation is keen to see even more visitors of Super西甲直播吧s move from inspiration to action. If you would like to see the same and would like to find out how Super西甲直播吧s could help your organisation reach more people considering refurbishment, please see our Super西甲直播吧s services page for further information.