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Please , PLEASE read and comment , I need your help !

Ok so no this is not a shameless self promotion exercise I promise ! I apologize to all my mates in the blogosphere for my absence over the summer months . I have slowly lost my mind and motivation in my last trimester of pregnancy which has coincided with the biggest build up the Top End has had in years. This is where I need your help. I am trying to write a book , based on my blog and my cross over from the plastic world of adult entertainment to my tranquil life in the bush. However my baby brain is stopping me from producing anything worth writing ( also the reason I have been a slack blogger ! ). So if all the people who have read / do read my blog could let me know in the comments section what they would want to read about or the posts I have written which they liked the best that would go a long way to getting me started with this project ! And I promise to send anyone who comments a copy when I’m done ( not sure if that’s an incentive or a deterrent …….  😉 ) Thank you in advance !!!! Xx Kel

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