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If you don’t already know by now , the state of NSW is on fire . Literally . And most of it is in and around where I live and work . So far they have the fires contained about 35 Kms south of Karuah which means my place is safe – for now . The problem is every time they finally get them under control we have another ridiculously hot day with wind reaching up to 100km an hr !! In the mean time its business as usual everywhere that isn’t actually in fire . So last night I drove out to the Hunter Valley mining town of Singleton where I was booked in for an overnight skimpy shift ( lingerie waitressing for those of you who have no bloody idea what I’m on about ! ) the entire valley was covered in clouds of thick smoke and the sky was orange – It would have been beautiful if it wasn’t so devastating . I made it to Singleton , stayed the night and headed out to another shift today in Weston which I start in a couple of hours and hopefully can get back home tonight . The highway is blocked off but I am the queen of the back tracks so I should be right 😉 Anyway who gives a shit if I can’t get through at least I still have a home to go back to – a lot of people (and animals) don’t. But if I know one thing about us Aussies it’s that we always pull through for each other in times like this – at the moment there are volunteers out there fighting these fires even though they have lost or could lose their homes themselves . They are truly remarkable people and my thoughts are with all those effected – I’m praying like crazy for some rain .. Xx

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